Old house to Community Facility

The client had purchased a large plot of land in Perth’s Eastern suburbs for the construction of a new Lifestyle Village.

Pivotal to the success of any Lifestyle Village is the facilities and whilst it would be another year before the facilities would be built, there was an immediate need to provide a community building for the first phase of incoming residents to the village.

The last remaining structure on the land was an old 60’s house, which was salvaged for transformation into an interim clubhouse, later to be used as a family centre for visitors to the village.

This facility includes:

  • Swimming pool
  • Art and Craft workshop
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Chillout area

This was a particularly challenging project as the delivery time was critical, so critical that we began construction from basic conceptual sketches as the architect completed the full specification.

This was a true ‘design and construct’ project as we worked closely with the architect to design and achieve the most functional and stylish space that we could with what we had to work with.

The results speak for themselves.. The client was so happy with HB’s performance that we were  awarded the contract to complete the $3.6M Village Clubhouse following this project.

See below for some before and afters.